Texas LED Direct

At Texas Led Signs we are an American owned international manufacture and wholesaler for all types of LED Signs.

We have the best quality, price and service for any LED sign. Our LED signs are delivered directly to you with no middle men, sign companies or brokers involved. You truly are buying direct from the factory. On staff are factory trained technicians  knowledgeable on all types of LED signs. We are available seven days a week to assist you.

Our Services
Texas LED Direct
Works closely with each client to produce the perfect system to accomplish the goals of the clients budget, installation location and applicable municipality code requirements.
Site Survey
Perform traffic flow analysis to assure the highest visibility possible both in installation location as well as size and height requirements. The site survey is performed with considerations to local code requirements as to location of the installation site, permit requirements and
any other factors that may impact the visibility and operations of the system.
Texas LED Direct has catalogue all major municipalities permit requirement regarding LED signs.We are constantly updating this data base
and before application for any permits we speak directly with the appropriate code  departments assuring our compliance with the application process.
Contact Us at 214-477-9711

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