What is Better, Graphics Or Brighter Text? Which Has A Better ROI For LED Signs?

Ask yourself this question: “With my product/service is a picture worth a thousand words or does it take a thousand words to describe my product/service?” Once you have answered that question you will have a starting point for deciding if picture/video capable LED Display is right for your business. If you own a restaurant, you could create impulse customers by putting a picture of a big juicy steak on your sign. Car dealers can put up videos of people driving. These are the types of messages that warrant the additional cost of video capable programmable LED Displays.

If you answered that question with “it takes a thousand words…” you should forget the expensive video capable LED Signs and focus on an LED Sign which will be bright enough and have large enough text to do the best job for you. In this case you want a ultra bright LED Sign. This means you will be looking for a sign with more LEDs in each pixel. You will want a sign with tall enough characters to maximize the viewing time of the traffic in front of your business (a rule of thumb is that you need 1″ of height for every 50′ of visibility). Make sure you have enough lines of text to get your message out. Those should be your focus; for you the extra cost of a video LED Display will be wasted.

Take a look at your business and your location. Think hard about what can sell your product/service. Then and only then will you have a basis for starting to look at whether graphics or text will work better for you. Don’t let anyone push you one way or the other. Make them give you a recommendation AND a reason for that recommendation. If the reason doesn’t make sense, be careful.